About Dr. Wolfgang Rumpf

Dr. Wolfgang Rumpf obtained his PhD in molecular biology from The Ohio State University in 1997, where he studied evolutionary questions using molecular phylogenetic techniques. His post-doctoral work at the Ohio State University College of Dentistry used those same techniques to help identify dental pathogens involved in periodontitis.

Following his post-doctoral work he rapidly became entrenched in the corporate world, working first for LabBook Inc. as a Bioinformaticist and then Rescentris Inc., where he served as a Product Specialist for the CERF ELN. 

As Senior Director of Product at Irisnote, creator of cloud-based as well as enterprise-deployable iPad, Mac OS X, and Windows Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) software, Wolfgang was responsible for describing the feature-sets and workflows of the next-generation of CERF, irisnote.

After the sudden and unexpected demise of irisnote, Wolfgang returned to research.  He is now a Research Scientist at the Battelle Institute for Mathematical Medicine at The Nationwide Research Institute at Children's Hospital in Columbus Ohio.

In addition, Dr. Rumpf has been teaching graduate-level bioinformatics at UMUC since 2006.

Wolfgang has three children (identical twin boys age 12, Beowulf and Hiro and 18 year old Christopher)) and the best fiancee in the world (Christine).  If you like science-oriented blogs, you can read some of Wolfgang's articles at his blog-site, QuantumThoughts.